Decisions Are Hard.

SpinnyWheel makes it easy to create custom spinnable wheels for business or pleasure. With SpinnyWheel you can decide anything, pick teams, replace your favorite game spinner or even create a branded prize wheel to promote your business!

SpinnyWheel is simple to setup and customize. Add as many wheels and choices as you want and choose one of the fun themes, or customize everything.

Just .99 for a limited time

SpinnyWheel is an iOS7+ universal iPhone, iPad and iPod app. You get ALL versions for just 99 cents.

There's A Lot To Love

SpinnyWheel is simple to setup any way you want. Choose a theme, add some choices, then select your colors, messaging and even the size/probability of each slice. Choices can be set as winners or losers with fun sounds and animations. You can even set the number of times a choice is landed on before it removes itself from the wheel. (Great for grand prizes!)

All You Can Spin

Setup as many wheels as you like with as many slices on them as you can fit. You get the iPhone, iPad and iPod version all for just 99ยข!

Simple & Smart

Setup a new wheel with just a few taps, smart color palettes will automatically choose pleasing color combinations and appropriate text sizes.

Winners & Losers

Multiple choice types with their own unique sound, messaging and animations.

Limited Choice Lives

When a choice has been landed upon it uses a life, when all lives are used the slice is removed from the wheel. Use this to make grand prizes, pick teams, or divide up items with limited inventory.

Delightful Experience

Beautiful themes with sounds and animations. Physics based interaction makes dragging, spinning and flinging your wheels feel just right.

Statistics & History

Lovely animated bar charts allow you to view all of your wheels spin history and statistics.

Probability & Sizing

You can easily change the size and probability of any choice on your wheel.

Branding & Spin Capture

Setup your own colors and select an image to use as a custom background including your logo. Flip a switch and the wheel will capture users contact information before spinning. Then easily search and export a .csv (Excel) file of all of your spinners info.

Video Demonstration

Watch a brief demo of SpinnyWheel in action